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King Biscuit Blues Festival, October 10 and 11

We are very honored to have been asked to play at this year's King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Ark.  The festival is Thursday-Saturday, October 9, 10 and 11.  We are the only band that was given two slots.  So many great bands playing. 

Living Blues Magazine

We have received so many great reviews on our album, Love is the Devil.  But this one holds a special place for us because we have so much respect for Living Blues Magazine. 

"With this hypnotic, modern approach to the spiritual purgation that is great hill country blues, Pork Chop Willie should turn some ears…Tracks like Too Many Cuts are strikingly original as the yearn of Tong's violin provides a fresh spin on an old formula…The debut album...is as raw as any hill country stomp and as haunting as the most backwoods Appalachian holler".
--Living Blues Magazine

The full review is in the August issue.  Please check it out.

Love is the Devil, #1 on the AirPlay Direct Blues Chart all of June! 

June 3rd was the official release date of Love is the Devil.  It is now available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many other outlets.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the album.

“One of the best debut albums this year.” —Adobe and Teardrops, AdobeandTeardrops.Blogspot.com

“Brilliant new national debut release … Hill Country music and beyond, like you have never heard before … An absolutely wonderful album that very quickly rose to the top of my favorites list for 2014 ...” —John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

“I'll be hard pressed to find another debut this year that impresses me as much as this album. All the right ingredients presented with great musicianship and passion. The roots, they be strong and entangled with tradition but with a unique freshness.” —Popa’s Tunes, PopaTunes.Blogspot.com

"Pork Chop Willie's music is hauntingly beautiful. Give them a pat on the back—this record is in my top 10 of the year." —Russell Hill's Country Music Show, Express FM, Portsmouth, UK

“The music has an almost brutal honesty about it … as well as an almost haunting quality in the band’s sound … Love Is the Devil has a timeless quality that will not grow old.” —Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue / Billtown Blue Notes

   Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and this project.





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